JRMES 20 (2019)

JRMES 20 (2019) cover
  • Henry Russell Robinson (1920–1978): on the centenary of his birth Andrei E. Negin 1–5
  • Schienenpanzerfragmente aus einem Altmetalldepot im Limeskastell Aalen Paul Güldenstein 7–18
  • Surgeons at war – surgical equipment among weapons in cultic context Annette Frölich 19–23
  • Barbarian helmets on the Trajan’s Column reliefs Andrei E. Negin 25–53
  • Roman military signs and standards from the fortress of Legio VII Claudia, at Cioroiu Nou, Dolj County,Romania Dorel Bondoc 55–58
  • Miniature representations of Roman weapons from the province of Dacia Inferior and their significance Gabriela Filip 59–63
  • New finds of Roman armour from the northern Black Sea area in private collections Andrei E. Negin 65–74
  • The Edge of Glory: possible Roman military influences in the development of Irish Late Iron Age lorinery and equitation Rena Maguire 75–85
  • Late Antique cylindrical hats as markers of authority and prestige Mihajlo Džamtovski 87–101
  • Three new swords from Vindolanda M. Alberti and M. C. Bishop 103–113
  • A Christian in the ranks? Deciphering the ‘medallion’ of Aurelius Cervianus M. C. Bishop 115–121
  • Consolidated index for JRMES volumes 1–20 123–159

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