Topical listings: ROMEC

These are the volumes of ROMEC proceedings that have been published outwith of the Journal of Roman Military Equipment Studies. Due to issues of availability and price, future ROMECs will be required to be published by ARMES as a volume of JRMES in order to be able to use the ROMEC identity.

Busch, A. W. and Schalles, H.-J. (eds) 2009: Waffen in Aktion. Akten des 16. Internationalen Roman Military Equipment Conference (ROMEC), Xanten, 13.–16. Juni 2007, Xantener Berichte 16, Darmstadt [Oxbow]

Jahresbericht / Gesellschaft Pro Vindonissa 2001 [download]

Jobst, W. (ed.) 2005: Archäologie der Schlachtfelder – Militaria aus Zerstörungshorizonten. Tagungsakten der 14. ROMEC-Konferenz in Wien 2003, Carnuntum Jahrbuch 2005, Wien [out of print]

Sanader, M., Rendić-Miočević, M. A., Tončinić, D. and Radman-Livaja, I. (eds) 2013: XVII ROMEC Zagreb 2010 Radovi Proceedings Akten, Zagreb