JRMES 17 (2016)

JRMES 17 cover

JRMES 17 cover

Xenia Pauli Jensen & Thomas Grane (eds), Imitation and Inspiration. Proceedings of the 18th International Roman Military Equipment Conference held in Copenhagen, Denmark, 9th–14th June 2013 (ISBN 978-1-910238-10-3)

Swords And Scabbards

  • I. Radman-Livaja & I. Drnić ‘An old find rediscovered: a Roman spatha from Cornacum in the holdings of the Zagreb Archaeological Museum’ 1–5
  • K. Stemberger & V. Vidrih Perko ‘A Grave with gladius from Bobovek near Kranj (Slovenia): An attempt at interpretation’ 7–10
  • F. Hunter ‘Iron Age swords and Roman soldiers in conquest-period Britain’  11–21
  • K. Czarnecka ‘Import, imitation, or inspiration? Scabbardplates decorated in openwork technique (opus interrasile) in Barbaricum at the time around the birth of Christ’ 23–33

Horse Gear

  • M. Gui ‘Recently found harness fittings from the Roman fort at Porolissum on the northern frontier’ 37–44
  • L. Burkhardt & E. Deschler-Erb ‘Military equipment in Asciburgium’ 45–51
  • L. Allason-Jones ‘Roman saddle plates from Nubia’ 53–8

Defensive Weapons

  • J. Deschieter ‘Two shield bosses from the Roman vicus at Velzeke: evidence of a countryside in peril…?’ 61–8
  • S. Weiss-König ‘Germanische Schildbeschläge im Rheingebiet’ 69–75
  • M. A. Wijnhoven ‘Putting the scale into mail: Roman hybrid feathered armour’ 77–86
  • P. Dyczek ‘New finds of Roman armor from the legionary fortress at Novae (Moesia Inferior)’ 87–94
  • S. Juncher ‘Lorica Hamata or Germanic Crafts? Ringmail finds from the Early Iron Age in a southern Scandinavian context’ 95–100
  • T. Fischer ‘Zu römischen Kavalleriehelmen der frühen und mittleren Kaiserzeit’ 101–12

Dress, Belts & Buckles

  • S. Hoss ‘Dressing the Roman soldier’ 115–20
  • T. Ivleva ‘The role of brooches in Roman military dress of the late 1st–3rd centuries AD in the Roman West’ 121–7
  • J. Pásztókai-Szeőke & A. Paetz gen. Schieck ‘Imitation and inspiration – Tunics with arrow-shaped purple decoration in Pannonia’ 129–40
  • D. Kostromichyov ‘Openwork buckles with peltaform loop and opposite extension’ 141–55

Army Life

  • M. Vomer Gojkovič ‘The influence of the army on the life in Roman Poetovio’ 159–69
  • U. Klatt ‘… und den Klappaltar im Marschgepäck?’ 171–5
  • A. Frölich ‘Surgical instruments as military equipment’ 177–82

Rituals And Deposits

  • A. Rost & S. Wilbers-Rost ‘Post-battle display and distribution of booty in Kalkriese’ 185–90
  • P. Walton ‘Is the Piercebridge assemblage a military votive deposit?’  191–4

Finds And Research

  • E. Ble ‘A rain of arrows, projectiles, darts and bolts. A metrological classification of Roman pyramidal-headed projectiles’ 197–201
  • J. C. N. Coulston ‘Imitation and inspiration in ‘Roman’ archery’ 203–14
  • F. McIntosh ‘The Clayton Collection: militaria and much more!’ 215–18
  • M. Novichenkova ‘A Late Republican signum from the sanctuary Gurzufskoe Sedlo at the Crimea’ 219–22
  • T. Juárez Villena and J. Pinar Gil ‘Recent finds of 5th century weapons in the territorium of Barcino: updating chronology, functionality and social attribution’ 228–34
  • J. Lewis ‘Finds from the frontier: Romans and Natives at Brecon Gaer Roman fort’ 235–42
  • J. Kopf ‘New military equipment from the area of the Early Imperial forts at Brigantium (Bregenz, Austria)’ 243–50
  • S. Mayer ‘Late Antique and Early Medieval inhumation burials in Augusta Raurica, Switzerland’ 251–3
  • B. Kontny ‘Imitation and inspiration in the field of militaria at Szwajcaria cemetery (the Sudovian culture). The case of a ‘princely grave’ from Barrow 2’ 255–68
  • K. Mückenberger ‘For the further development of a Roman fitting. Imitation and inspiration in the Germanic toreutics’ 269–74
  • I. Vukmanić ‘Stamped tiles from the Danube limes fort Ad Militare, Croatia. Results from the archaeogeophysical prospection in 2010 and 2012’ 275–8
  • J. Istenic ‘Nonferrous metals on late Republican and early Principate Roman military metalwork found in the River Ljubljanica (Slovenia)’ 279–85
  • K. Paasch ‘Technical aspects regarding energy storage in ancient Greek and Roman catapults’ 287–90

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