JRMES 9 (1998)

  • J. C. N. Coulston ‘Gladiators and soldiers: personnel and equipment in ludus and castra’ 1–17
  • Tadeusz J. Horbacz and Marek Oledzki ‘Roman inlaid swords’ 19–30
  • David Woods ‘Two notes on late Roman military equipment’ 31–5
  • Joaquin Aurrecoechea Fernández ‘Apron fittings from Flavian times found in Spain’ 37–44
  • Christof Flügel ‘Gladii vom Übergangstyp Mainz/Pompeji’ 45–51
  • Christian Geyer ‘Pila in hostes immittunt Anmerkungen zu einer römischen Elementartaktik’ 53–64
  • A. E. Negin ‘Sarmatian cataphracts as prototypes for Roman equites cataphractarii’ 65–75
  • A. J. M. Zwart ‘A bridled horse burial from Beuningen (NL)’ 77–84

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