JRMES 7 (1996)

  • Marc Lodewijckx, Louis Wouters, & Els Schuerman ‘A third century collection of decorative objects from a Roman villa at Wange (Central Belgium): second interdisciplinary report’ 1–20
  • Antonio Rodríguez Colmenero & Tomás Vega Avelaira ‘Equipamiento militar del campamento romano de Aquae Querquennae (Portoquintela, Ourense, España)’ 21–36
  • David Woods ‘The Scholae Palatinae and the Notitia Dignitatum‘ 37–50
  • Aitor Iriarte ‘Reconstructing the iron core from the Deurne helmet’ 51–7
  • Ludwig Vanden Berghe ‘Some Roman military equipment of the first three centuries AD in Belgian museums’ 59–95
  • Joaquín Aurrecoechea Fernández ‘Bronze studs from Roman Spain’ 97–146
  • Malcolm Lyne ‘Roman ships’ fittings from Richborough’ 147–9

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