JRMES 4 (1993)

  • W. A. B. van der Sanden ‘Fragments of a lorica hamata from a barrow at Fluitenberg, Netherlands’ 1–8
  • Eckhard Deschler-Erb & Peter-Andrew Schwarz ‘A bronze spearhead from Insula 22, and its significance for the urban history of Augusta Rauricorum (Augst BL, Switzerland)’ 9–22
  • John Pamment Salvatore ‘Roman tents ‘replicated’ in stone-built barracks of the 2nd century BC in Spain’ 23–31
  • Catherine M. Gilliver ‘The de munitionibus castrorum: Text and Translation’ 33–48
  • Catherine M. Gilliver ‘Hedgehogs, caltrops and palisade stakes’ 49–54
  • David Woods ‘The ownership and disposal of military equipment in the Late Roman army’ 55–65
  • Marc Lodewijckx, Louis Wouters, Willy Viaene, Jan Salemink(+), Harry Kucha, Martine Wevers, and Ria Wouters (with a contribution by Simone Scheers and Franz Steenhoudt) ‘A third-century collection of decorative objects from a Roman villa at Wange (Central Belgium): first interdisciplinary report’ 67–99
  • T. G. Padley ‘Two dolphin scabbard runners from Carlisle’ 101–2

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