JRMES 11 (2000)

A.T. Croom and W.B. Griffiths (eds), Re-enactment as Research. Proceedings of the Twelfth International Roman Military Equipment Conference, Held at the Customs House, South Shields, UK, 24th-26th September 1999

  • Janka Istenic ‘A late-republican gladius from the River Ljubljanica (Slovenia)’ 1–9
  • Idoia Filloy ‘The Miraceche-Monte Bernorio type daggers: new data about their manufacture’ 11–16
  • Emilio Illarregui and Cesáreo Pérez-González ‘Roman military settlements at Herrera de Pisuerga, Spain’ 17–23
  • Eliseo Gil, Idoia Filloy and Aitor Iriarte ‘Late Roman military equipment from the city of Iruña/Veleia (Alava, Spain)’ 25–35
  • David Sim ‘The making and testing of a falx also known as the Dacian battle scythe’ 37–41
  • Peter Connolly ‘The reconstruction and use of Roman weaponry in the second century BC’ 43–6
  • Aitor Iriarte ‘Pseudo-Heron’s cheiroballistra a(nother) reconstruction: I. Theoretics’ 47–75
  • Alan Wilkins and Len Morgan ‘Scorpio and cheiroballistra‘ 77–101
  • Peter Connolly ‘Experiments with the sarissa – the Macedonian pike and cavalry lance – a functional view’ 103–12
  • Marcus Junkelmann ‘Gladiatorial and military equipment and fighting technique: a comparison’ 113–17
  • Tim Haines, Graham Sumner, and John Naylor ‘Recreating the world of the Roman soldier: the work of the Ermine Street Guard’ 119–27
  • Alexandra Croom ‘The wear and tear of third century military equipment’ 129–34
  • W. B. Griffiths ‘Re-enactment as research: towards a set of guidelines for re-enactors and academics’ 135–9

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