Bishop, M.C. (ed.) 1985: The Production and Distribution of Roman Military Equipment, Proceedings of the Second Roman Military Equipment Research Seminar, BAR S275, Oxford

Prelims (title page, imprint, contents pages, list of contributors, preface) [PDF]

I: The Theory

Bishop, M.C., ‘The military fabrica and the production of arms in the early Principate’, 1–42 [PDF]

Driel-Murray, C. van, ‘The production and supply of military leatherwork in the first and second centuries A.D.; a review of the archaeological evidence’, 43–81 [PDF]

Oldenstein, J., ‘Manufacture and supply of the Roman army with bronze fittings’, 82–94 [PDF]

II: The Artefacts

Allason-Jones, Lindsay, ‘”Bell-shaped studs”‘?, 95–108 [PDF]

Bennett, Julian, ‘A chased cheek-piece from Stanwix’, 109–116 [PDF]

Feugère, M., ‘Nouvelles observations sur les cabochons de bronze estampés du cingulum romain’, 117–41 [PDF]

Paddock, J., ‘Some changes in the manufacture and supply of Roman bronze helmets under the late Republic and early Empire’, 142–59 [PDF]

Scott, I.R., ‘First century military daggers and the manufacture and supply of weapons for the Roman army’, 160–213 [PDF]

Webster, G., ‘Decorated dagger scabbards found in Britain’, 214–19 [PDF]

III: A Case Study

Coulston, J.C., ‘Roman Archery Equipment’, 220–36 [PDF]

Index [PDF]